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Baptismal Cross

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Happy Angel

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Christmas Tree

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Praying Angel

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Holy Family

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Ring with Glass 2

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Eyeglass Case Red

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Large Handbag

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Small Sheep

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Wooden Rosary

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Hands Praying

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Nativity Bell

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Nativity Star

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Olive Tree

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Artisans' Profiles

  • Mervette Jacaman

    "High-End Stained Glass Sun Catchers"

    Mervette JacamanMervette was born in 1970. She is married and has 4 children. She joined the ICB workshops in March 2004 as a student in the stained glass and glass fusing course.

    Mervette makes small seasonal sun catchers for Christmas and Easter, and some functional items such as business card boxes and pen holders.

  • Helva Hanouneh

    "Handmade Stained Glass Sun Catchers and Lampshades"

    Helva HanounehHelva was the first to become a member at our workshops. She joined us in October 1998 as a student in the stained glass course. Helva was born in 1962. She is married and has two children.

    Helva is best known for her stained glass angel that is made out of broken colored bottles. It is being sold and spread all over the world.

  • Laurice Matar

    ”This is my home; not coming here is like not breathing,” says Laurice Matar about the workshops at the International Center in Bethlehem (ICB) and Dar al Kalima College (DAK), where she has spent a lot of time during the last seven years.

    Laurice is a Christian and among the youngest of six sisters and brothers. Her father is a carpenter and as such had to struggle hard to feed the large family. She comes from Beit Jala, the town next to Bethlehem, where she attended a governmental school while growing up.