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Heart with Cross

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Praying Angel

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Easter Cross

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Peace Dove

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Happy Angel

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Ring with Glass 2

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Eyeglass Case Red

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Large Handbag

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Small Sheep

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Wooden Rosary

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Hands Praying

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Nativity Bell

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Nativity Star

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Olive Tree

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Artisans' Profiles

  • Laurice Matar

    ”This is my home; not coming here is like not breathing,” says Laurice Matar about the workshops at the International Center in Bethlehem (ICB) and Dar al Kalima College (DAK), where she has spent a lot of time during the last seven years.

    Laurice is a Christian and among the youngest of six sisters and brothers. Her father is a carpenter and as such had to struggle hard to feed the large family. She comes from Beit Jala, the town next to Bethlehem, where she attended a governmental school while growing up.