Artisan’s Profiles

Mervette Jacaman

"High-End Stained Glass Sun Catchers"

Mervette JacamanMervette was born in 1970. She is married and has 4 children. She joined the ICB workshops in March 2004 as a student in the stained glass and glass fusing course.

Mervette makes small seasonal sun catchers for Christmas and Easter, and some functional items such as business card boxes and pen holders.

Mervette draws inspiration for her designs from the need of the market, and she uses both recycled flat window glass and colorful bottles. Thus her products are varied and colorful. She aims to create her own designs in order to market and sell them locally and internationally through the al-Kahf gift shop and website.

Helva Hanouneh

"Handmade Stained Glass Sun Catchers and Lampshades"

Helva was the first to become a member at our workshops. She joined us in October 1998 as a student in the stained glass course. Helva was born in 1962. She is married and has two children.

Helva is best known for her stained glass angel that is made out of broken colored bottles. It is being sold and spread all over the world.

In addition to the small sun-catchers, Helva is very interested in making lamp shades. She produces stained glass and fused glass lamp shades with different styles and colors.

Helva is featured in a video clip made by Austrian news agency ORF. The video is in German, but it tells the story of Helva and her stained glass angels. Look for "Pastor Mit Perspektiven" on