This year The Cave Arts and Crafts Gift Shop focus on classic ornament designs.

As you begin to prepare for the Christmas season order ahead for your unique handmade ornaments! These made-in-Bethlehem gems are designed and handcrafted with love. Know that with each purchase you are helping these artists build their dreams.

This artwork not only provides hope and healing for the women of Bethlehem, our one of a kind Glass Angel Collection is now made from recycled glass.

This is a first and very important process in Palestine, as there are no recycling facilities in the country.

So, this year, don’t go to your local World Market for Christmas gifts; buy from the source, from the town where Christ Jesus was born.

Do not forget the unique, one of a kind, handmade silver jewelry made by the fair-trade co-operative “Made in Palestine,” by the women who are trained at Diyar and now starting their own co-operative with the support of Dar al Kalmia University College designers, trainers and Facilities.